Tormod Tingstad
( Kammeradvoken Poul Schmith )

Kammeradvoken Poul Schmith

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Tormod Tingstad

Kammeradvoken Poul Schmith

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Phone: +45.3315.2010
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Tormod Tingstad advises businesses on compliance and corporate governance, particularly on issues relating to corruption, money laundering and other types of corporate crime. He is also very experienced in managing large internal investigations of complex and often international issues, including in the financial sector. Mr. Tingstad primarily assists private businesses.

Representative Work:

  • Leading a multijurisdictional investigation into corruption in energy projects in several African countries on behalf of a private client.
  • Leading several investigations into the abuse of public funds in development aid on behalf of a public entity.
  • Coordinating an international corruption investigation, across three continents, on behalf of a client in the natural resources sector.
  • Representing private company in relation to all aspects of being investigated by an international development bank as well as national law enforcement authorities.
  • Conducting various other investigations into matters such as welfare in elite sports, research ethics etc.