Óscar Tutasaura
( Posse Herrera Ruiz )

Posse Herrera Ruiz

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Óscar Tutasaura

Posse Herrera Ruiz

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Phone:+571 3257263
Email: oscar.tutasaura@phrlegal.com
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Óscar Tutasaura has advised local and international clients in structuring compliance programs regarding money laundering and anti-bribery standards, and has provided numerous training sessions on these matters. He has participated in several internal corporate investigations on internal matters, both under Colombian standards and under foreign regulations.

Representative Work:

  • Extensive experience acting as legal advisor to multinationals in different industries such as pharmaceutical, retail, technology, oil and gas, infrastructure, among others, in the preparation of anti-money laundering management systems, ethics codes, manuals and related documentation in accordance with Colombian law regulations.Experience providing training in anti-corruption regulation, money laundering and financing of terrorism regulation for managers and employees of companies.
  • Assistance to clients providing legal opinions about rules and regulations regarding the health sector and the interactions between pharmaceutical and medical devices manufactures and health-care providers.

Advise Colombian companies in internal corporate investigations regarding compliance violations.